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Pigment Yellow 74 for Water-based Ink

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Bright yellow, high color strength, transparent and opaque types.

Trade Name: Hansa Yellow 5GX


CAS No. 6358-31-2 

EC No. 228-768-4

Chemical Group: Mono Azo

Chemical Formula: C18H18N4O6

Application: water-based ink, aqueous flexographic ink, packaging ink and coating

Features: Bright yellow, high color strength, transparent and opaque types.

Packing: 10kgs, 25kgs craft bag, 350-400kgs bulk bags with Carton box on pallet.

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, DP, CAD

What's the universal lead-time for order delivery?

If we have stock: within 3 days. If need produce: 7-10 days.

Physical, Chemical And Fastness Properties:

Density (g/cm3)


Oil absorption (ml/100g)


Water soluble matter (%)


PH Value


Heat Resistance (°C)


Light Fastness


Oil Resistance


Acid Resistance


Alkali Resistance


Water Resistance


Discoveries in color science created new industries and drove changes in fashion and taste. The discovery in 1856 of mauveine, the first aniline dye, was a forerunner for the development of hundreds of synthetic dyes and pigments like azo and diazo compounds which are the source of a wide spectrum of colors. Mauveine was discovered by an 18-year-old chemist named William Henry Perkin, who went on to exploit his discovery in industry and become wealthy. His success attracted a generation of followers, as young scientists went into organic chemistry to pursue riches. Within a few years, chemists had synthesized a substitute for madder in the production of Alizarin Crimson. By the closing decades of the 19th century, textiles, paints, and other commodities in colors such as red, crimson, blue, and purple had become affordable.

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